Last Day On Earth Survival Hack

Last Day On Earth Survival Hack – Coins Cheats

Last Day On Earth: Survival is an engrossing zombie shooter game where your main objective is to stay alive for the longest time. The story begins when there is an outbreak of a virus infection that has wiped most of the population. Moreover, the plague virus pandemic has carried away thousands of people and turned them into walking dead zombies. You will come across these walking dead zombies in the game and you need to survive for as long as you can, so for that you may need the help of our Last Day On Earth Survival Hack.

Last Day On Earth Survival Hack

Playing the game calmly and strategically will let you survive for the longest time. You need to create deadly weapons and target wisely for shooting the innumerable un-killed walking dead zombies and enemies. So, are you ready to shoot them all? Before you start playing the game, check out our tips and tricks on the Last Day On Earth Survival game. This article will provide all the important information that you require for surviving in the game.

Make Friends:

Instead of walking alone in the midst of dead zombies, you can join a clan of other gamers. This is the most effective method to survive in the game. You can walk together with other survivors and shoot the walking dead zombies. You can even make use of the chat section of the game to communicate with other players and for making powerful clans. So, joining clans and Gunship zombies is the best war strategy for surviving in the Last Day On Earth: Survival game.

In-Game Currency:


Coins are the main currency of the game. They are gold in color and are used for buying several items. You can use Coins for purchasing packs from the game shop. Packs are bundles of items that can be exchanged for real world money. Coins can be easily generated with our Last Day On Earth Survival Hack.

The things available in the Packs are weapons, armor, food, coins, and items. When you buy a Pack, it will be delivered to you in your gaming inbox. Some of the Packs that you can buy are Builder’s pack, Zombie Warfare Pack, Raiders Starter Pack, Box of Spares, etc.

Coins can also be used for refilling the Energy bar. Your Energy will get depleted real soon because the more you travel, the more Energy you require. If you want to finish crafting an item instantly, then you can use Coins. Moreover, Coins are helpful for resetting skill points too. Overall coins are really important and you can hack them easily with Last Day On Earth Survival Cheats.

In-Game Shop:

You can buy several things from the game shop. Each week, the shop gets updated, so you will be able to find new stuff on a regular basis. The items that you have bought from the shop will appear in your inbox that is located in the shop menu. Some of the kinds of packages that you can buy from the shop are transport, which consists of body repairs, fuel, and supply boxes. The equipment package consists of military boxes with guns and rare weapons. The Supply package consists of raw resources like limestone and pine log as well as humanitarian aid.


You will come across several Items in Last Day On Earth: Survival game. These Items can be obtained by looting, recipes, crafting, etc. Some of the Items that you can acquire are mentioned below:

  • Chopper: It is the first vehicle that you will unlock in the game. You can use the Chopper to accelerate travel time. Once you unlock the Chopper, items such as fuel, paint, etc. will become available in the Chopper menu.
  • Engine Parts: Engine Parts are rare components, which are required for the finalization of vehicles. It is one of the rarest items in the game. You will be able to find them in random loot boxes, bunkers, AI bases, etc. This won’t be hard if you try last day on earth hack.
  • Armor: Armor is used for saving yourself from damages caused by opponents. You can acquire Armor in loots or it can be crafted. Remember that you need to keep them in their respective slot so that they are active. Some examples of Armor are Shirt, Denim Jeans, Cargo Pants, Work Boots, etc.
  • Food: Food is mainly used for restoring Hunger, Thirst, Health or a combination of all of these. You can acquire Food by harvesting them or crafting at a Workstation. Some of the Food that you will come across in the game is Berries, Beer, Carrot, Raw Meat, etc.
  • Weapons: For causing damage or killing Creatures, you will require plenty of Weapons. You can acquire Weapons by looting, trading, or crafting. As you keep using Weapons, their durability will enhance. Some commonly used Weapons in the game are Hatchet, Spear, Pickaxe, Fists, Torch, etc. You can check the damage and speed statistics of each Weapon in the game easily. Our Last Day On Earth Survival Hack will definitely help you to get any weapon you want!
  • Workstations: These are specialized kinds of Furniture, which are used for converting Items as per the recipes that are mentioned in the Workstation. The top 4 Workstations that you will come across in the game are mentioned below:
  1. Fuel: Fuel is extremely essential for Melting Furnace, Campfire, and Refined Melting Furnace to work. Some of the commonly obtainable kinds of Fuel are Pine Log, Oak Log, Oak Plank, Charcoal, etc. Always remember that fuel gets burnt faster in Melting Furnace, so it requires more resources as compared to Campfire.
  2. Melting Furnace: In this Workstation, you can melt ore and scrap it into metal bars by using Fuel.
  3. Woodworking Bench: This area is used for cutting wood into planks.
  4. Medical Table: In this Workstation, you will find the required tools for creating Alcohol out of Berries.

Mentioned below are some effective strategies that you should follow for making your Last Day On Earth: Survival game simpler:

  • You may feel lost in the beginning of the game. A good tip here is to look out for a trashed car nearby and get some loot to start the game. Once done, your main objective for now is to craft a spear, pickaxe, and hatchet.
  • The crafted items will enable you to collect limestone and pine logs, so that you can make some shelter for yourself. You may even consider clicking the auto icon of the game to make things easier and quicker.
  • Build a home of wood and stone so that you can stay safe from the enemies. Remember to make a door and few windows too for your home.
  • Then, craft a Raincatcher and Garden Bed so that you have enough food and water for yourself. This will save you from starving to death.
  • The next step is to craft a backpack that can store all important items that you will acquire in the game.
  • Once you have crafted all basic items for yourself, you can start exploring the place. By exploring new areas you will get an idea of the various resources that are available as well as the amount of enemies hanging out there.
  • Look out for army supply drops that will provide useful items such as weapons, clothes, electrical equipment, and much more. However, you need to be very quick in reaching those areas because they are time-bound. So, they will disappear after a certain amount of time.
  • The Military Bases are similar to the army supply drops. You can acquire loads of resources from them. Moreover, they are not time-bound and nor do they expire. However, you will require a security key card for exploring them completely. These key cards can be found on dead zombies.
  • Keep acquiring various resources and save them for future use. They will surely be helpful in clearing the advanced stages of the game.
  • Use Last Day On Earth Survival Hack and do not worry about anything.


All in all, Last Day On Earth Survival is an engrossing online game that can keep you busy for several weeks. Other than killing the zombies, ensure that you keep yourself protected and saved from wild animals, infection, cold, hunger, and thirst as all these can kill you faster than the evil zombies. The game combined with Last Day Hack Cheats is the best mobile zombie game ever. So, go for it!


Last Day On Earth Survival Hack